www.WineGifts4U.co.uk using technology to survive the downturn in the economy

Watching the news, listening to the radio and reading newspapers in recent times can make you feel quite depressed, especially with the constant reference to the downturn in economy, recession and the credit crunch. Vin De Terre Ltd was established eleven years ago and began trading as a wholesaler in beers, wines and spirits supplying pubs, nightclubs and restaurants within a fifty mile radius of Spalding, Lincolnshire. One of the products we supplied to our restaurant customers was personalised labelled wine. The restaurants could select particular wines from our range to add to their wine lists. We would then personalised the labels on these wines for the restaurant ourselves by adding the company’s logo, an image and a personalised message promoting their firm based on the restaurants requirements. Personalised labelled wine was a great way for restaurants to boost their business by establishing a corporate image, thus impressing their clientele. In order to produce these personalised wines for restaurants who were usually on a budget, we developed a manufacturing process where customers could order the amount of wines required at a competitive price as opposed to having to purchase the personalised wines in bulk, giving them an added benefit.

About two years ago, we took our wine labelling process and developed a website, www.WineGifts4U.co.uk to offer personalised labelled wine gifts to individuals throughout the UK looking for original gift ideas online for christmas presents and birthday gifts. The unique thing about our site is that customers can see exactly what their personalised wine gift will look like before they place their order. The customer can use the design your own wine label tool to add a message, an image or picture to a wine label and then select single or multiple wines to attach their personalised labels onto, alternatively customers can select one of our wine label designs created for every special occasion, including birthdays, wedding anniversaries and christmas and then add a message to this chosen label. Since launching the personalised wine gift website, we have added a multitude of other personalisable products, for example, design your own t shirts, design your own mugs, engraved gifts and personalised champagne, just to mention a few gift ideas, which make fabulous birthday gifts and christmas presents. Our growth has been aided by grants and support from Business Link and the constant development we make to the site has equally contributed to the website’s success. In the past year, the wholesale business has suffered incredibly with turnover down by 25% on last year thanks to decreasing disposible wages and the smoking ban. However, fortunately the website business has compensated for the loss in turnover and profits from the wholesale side of the business.

Vin De Terre Ltd has invested in web and information technology and continues to grow by finding new products and new routes to market through http://www.WineGifts4U.co.uk . The work the company has done recently was recognised by winning the Lincolnshire Free Press Business “Best Use of Technology” Award earlier this month for the second year running. Our business is flourishing daily with orders coming in from the length and breadth of the UK, as well as from as far away as Fiji and New Zealand. Our success and continued development in new markets shows that small businesses out there can also succeed despite the current negative economic climate.Visit the website to find affordable christmas gifts over Christmas 2008-09.


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2 Responses to “www.WineGifts4U.co.uk using technology to survive the downturn in the economy”

  1. Frank Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much an individual or orgaisation can learn by just reading blogs, every single day thousands of pieces of great information are published, normally just a view point from a lone person, this great information if gathered together is more than enough to chance most businesses beyond belief, lets hope this great source of knowledge sharing continues and grows.

    I often spend far too much time reading and replying and have seen many great phrases, this is one of my favourites;
    The key to a successful campaign is to ensure that we understand what response the client is expecting from the distribution. It is from this perspective that we can attain the aims of the client and retain a strong working relationship now and in to the future…
    If you read and think about this statement it truly makes you think, and motivates you into thinking how you can chance your attitudes.

    Once again, thank you for your blog !

  2. Sara Says:

    When times are tough, which we all probably agree they are right now, you have to make extra efforts to strive forward, and survive. It is a very well know fact that any organisation that advertises will do far better than ones that dont, whether we are talking about a high school football team or a down town diner.
    Having had many businesses over the years I have realised that you must advertise and I have used many forms, some work and some dont, but I have to say, there’s no doubt about it – leaflets work. They are a superb cost effective method of advertising, far far better than many other forms of promotion. There are more TV, radio, newspapers, magazines than ever before not to mention the internet and outdoor advertising but fortunately there is still only one letterbox. After a campaign you are always expecting instant results, which is proably quite unwise, as marketing does not work that way, but we have found that when we deliver a leaflet, it’s there immediately to be seen on the door mat, selling your service or product, so it must have an added advantage as people can hold the media in their hand and think about the offers on it.

    It would seem that because the medium works so well, advertisers are turning to door drops more and more. At dor drop inc we are proud to work with local shops, businesses and local government. Using our tried and tested system of carefully managed staff we minimise the clutter and maximise the impact of your leaflet or brochure.

    Many people do not understand how important it is to inform the man on the street that they are there, if they do not know about you how can they visit you. As with every thing in life knowledge is the key, without it you will shrink, and the big boys will overtake you.

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