Who else wants to be puzzled?!

Puzzles – New Gift Ideas

We recently got some samples of puzzles sent to us, as part of our on-going attempt to find new and innovative gift ideas for you to be able to get unique gifts for your friends and family in one place (http://www.winegifts4u.co.uk) … Anyway…

There were plenty of useless puzzles (useless, not because they were rubbish or anything, just because I couldn’t figure them out!!), but there were some really interesting ones as well. We spent hours playing with them in the office. The fun part of the job 🙂

Wine thirsty puzzle – Try and untangle the wine bottles in this exciting puzzle, which will keep dad and the family occupied for hours! A wonderful gift idea this Father’s Day. What could be more frustrating than a bottle of wine trapped out of reach? See if you can release the bottle from the puzzle and open the cork to celebrate!

This wine thirsty one is awesome, I figured it out, but I must have spent at least 3 hours trying to.

Can you just imagine the frustration of being in reach of something worth having, yet not being able to get to it?

Put money, theatre tickets, a winning lottery ticket or something similar inside the box and close it up. Then give it to someone who really wants what’s inside and watch them struggle to get what’s in the box out!

Please Note: £20 note not included

Another good one is ‘Boxed Frustration’. It’s a good way of presenting gift vouchers, money or theatre tickets to someone…

A £20 note was put in this ‘Boxed Frustration’ by a member of staff, we were told if we could get the cash out, we could keep it. Unfortunately, this one is tough… We tried and tried, but the £20 note is still in there. It comes with the solution to the puzzle. Definately a good one to keep people occupied though!

We’ve put these ones plus a couple of others on the website with free postage and packaging. Take a look, I recommend them 🙂


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