What everybody ought to know about blogging (the basics anyway…!)

As a daily internet user for the past ten years or so, I felt ashamed recently, when I was asked to explain to an elderly member of the community what a ‘blog’ was. I have heard the term thrown about in relation to the web over the last few years, but as I had never used one or knowingly seen one, I was stumped.

Since then, I have done some research and compiled it in this blog! So that anyone else in a similar predicament to myself doesn’t have to feel as stupid as I did!

What is a blog?

Share whatever you want with the world through a blog.

A blog is short for a web blog, kind of like an on-line diary. Your blog can contain whatever you want it to contain, as there are no set rules to the structure or layout. Combine your personal thoughts with politics and breaking news, for example. When you write a new post, it will appear at the top and subsequent posts will follow below. People who read your blog can make comments and reviews on what you have posted, they can link to your blog if they find what you have written interesting or informative and they can also email you with remarks or questions.

To make it easier for other bloggers or viewers to navigate through your blog posts, you can archive your posts under categories.

Where can I keep/find a blog?

There are a number of places where people can keep their blogs on the internet, www.blogger.com, www.livejournal.com and www.wordpress.org.

You can either host your blog on your own web server, as part of your website (if you have one) or you could use a free hosted service with the most popular software being Word Press, Blogger and Blogspot.

Some hosted services, such as Blogger, will post to your own webspace if you provide the necessary FTP information.

Happy Blogging!


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