Purchase Personalised Gifts On The Move With The Apple iPhone

Personalised Gifts On The Move With The Apple iPhone

In today’s society, there’s not a lot you can’t do is there? Every day there appears to be some new gadget or gizmo available to buy, which can do things you would never have imagined possible.

Most recently, I have been amazed by the Apple iPhone, which I received as a 21st birthday gift a couple of weeks ago purchased from FoneLink (07855 555786). I asked for it as a present, because I was fed up with my nokia, which I’d obtained second hand over four years ago, which only allowed me to send SMS and make phone calls, and because I have everything I need, but mainly because I was intrigued by the way 02 and Apple’s multi-million pound advertising campaign made this new piece of technology look.

In all honesty, I didn’t really understand what the iPhone was all about even after seeing the advertisements on Sky, in the newspapers and in shop windows. I understood from Apple’s UK website, that the iPhone released in the UK in November 2007, ‘combines three devices into one – a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod and the best mobile Internet device ever’, but I still wasn’t sure exactly what it did or how it worked. I just thought it looked good and therefore I new I wanted one!

Since receiving this revolutionary phone on 5th March 2008, it is practically attached to me. I am still, after 2 weeks fascinated by the capacity of the 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm phone weighing just 135 grams.

Not only am I able to send SMS and keep track of all the messages that I receive and send, but I can play pool, take photos on the 2.0 Megapixel camera as well as use the metronome from the installer application to help with me with my piano playing. What I find even more interesting is that I can surf the net using the WiFi and Edge facility practically anywhere I go, which means I can access emails and browse videos on YouTube. It also means you can purchase gifts from http://www.WineGifts4U.co.uk whilst on the go!

One of the first things I did was to see if the website worked on the phone. Now, I believe that although the website is easy to navigate, it is very interactive and I thought this may prove a problem, but it actually didn’t. I managed to order a couple of bottles of personalised labelled wine without any effort at all!

So, if you’re looking for an original gift this father’s day, an upcoming birthday or a wedding anniversary present for someone who has everything they need, I would suggest buying the Apple iPhone from FoneLink (£100 + £35 mobile tariff for 18 months) first and then placing your personalised gift orders on http://www.WineGifts4U.co.uk whilst you’re on the move!


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