Californian Zinfandel Rose Wine Review

With summer just around the corner there are many functions take place, such as weddings, barbeques, summer balls and parties.

One of the products we sell at is a White Zinfandel, a rose coloured wine from California.

Here is a few quick notes about the White Zinfandel wine:

Historically an inexpensive jug wine, White Zinfandel is a quaffing wine that is sweet, soft, and low in alcohol, making it a popular choice with those who would not otherwise drink wine. The sugar content can make White Zinfandel taste almost like a fruit punch, although some examples have crisp acids and are balanced in their own way. White Zinfandel is typically manufactured for immediate consumption rather than for aging.

This blush wine was introduced in California in the early 1970s. It became the most popular varietal table wine during the 1980s. Consumers liked that it was sweeter than most wines (and it was a pretty color). Many people were introduced to the rose wine category through White Zinfandel.

Have you ever wondered how rose wine is made? Well…, when the red grape is crushed for its white juice, the skin of the red grapes is left in contact with the juice for a short amount of time, which makes the liquid turn pink!

Our californian white zinfandel is light and easy to drink with subtle tastes and aromas of luscious strawberries, raspberries and other ”summer” fruits. The wine is best served chilled.

Last year, we noticed that the White Zinfandel sold very well as a personalised gift for weddings and birthdays!

In a couple of weeks we will be writing an article on how bubbles are made in champagne. If you know how the bubbles are achieved and would like to contribute to this blog then please feel free to comment.


Here are a couple of other sites that give some interesting information about wine:


Translations of the word Wine 


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  1. Red Wine Says:

    I’m still trying to find a good red wine.

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