All our old posts…

So we haven’t posted for a very long time! But that’s for the simple reason that everyone has been sooooo busy creating the brand new look WineGifts4U, sourcing new products and generally creating the best website as we possibly can! So we would like to apologise for taking so long to start posting again. But fear not we will keep you updated with all the latest news and happenings here at WineGifts4U.

Let me get you up to speed then…

Since WineGifts4U last posted there have been a number of exciting things that have happened:

1) We have won a few awards!

Lincolnshire Freepress: Business of Year Runner Up
Lincolnshire Freepress: Best Use of Technology WINNER

2) We have also revamped the website so that it is now a more user friendly and exciting enviroment. Your comments and suggestions about the website are more then welcome.

3) A range of new products have also been added to the site including:

personalised vodka and whiskey
engraved gifts
gift packs e.g. grow your own cactus, become a laird or lady

So its all go! But we still have some great things coming up.. the launch of a new range of products which include:

personalised T-shirts
personalised bag/mousemats/coasters/clocks and much more….so keep an eye out on the website for what’s still to come.

So that the sales pitch done! Here’s are some other interesting facts….

Do you all remember the earthquake a few weeks back? Well we certainly do… thankfully none of our wine was knocked off the shelves and there were no major damages… but a member of the WineGifts4U team ventured out to the realms of the epicentre of the earthquake in Market Rasen the day after the quake! Not even aware that what they had felt the night before had been an earthquake. Oddly enough they were attending a meeting centred around blogging!

Thats all for now folks!


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