Just another Manic monday!

Good Morning all,

So here we are back again from the weekend starting work once again…I hope you are all refreshed and ready for the up and coming week, if not take a deep breath and I’m positive it will be a great one!

I thought I should tell you a bit more about http://www.winegifts4u.co.uk today. This website is a part of a family business called Vin de Terre, a wholesale company in beers, wines and spirits. As a family business, all members have been involved in the building of http://www.winegifts4u.co.uk and it is something that we are very proud of. Credit also has to be given to Lea Chapman and Charlie Lavender for thier great and web and graphics skills. It was decided a while back that people are always looking for that something extra special when they are buying a gift, and wine is the usual course for most people. Personalised Wine in our opinion was the perfect option, because it is something completely unique!

WineGifts4U is very busy at the moment, orders are coming in thick and fast but not only are we supplying these wonderful gifts but we are also doing a number of extra curricular activities… One of which is a number of wine tastings that have taken place for clients of Lloyds TSB. It’s a great way to socialise and also learn some interesting facts about wine – what works well and what really doesn’t. For example did you know that a Sweet Riesling goes wonderfully with Aero Chocolate? Well alot of the wine tasters didn’t and they we extremely suprised at how delicious the combination was.

But we aren’t that kind when we hold a wine tasting, we want to make sure that they have learnt something and not just sampled our wonderful wine. So there is always a blind tasting to see if they can identify the wine. It’s a bit cheeky because we make sure that the blind tasting wine isn’t one they have tried before! Not to fear though the winner gets a personalised bottle of Premier Cru Champagne.

Ah that reminds me, Personalised Premier Cru is also available on http://www.winegifts4u.co.uk!


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