Hello world!

So Let’s Begin …10th August 2007

We decided that it is about time that we kept you up-to-date with the progress of www.winegifts4u.co.uk!

Alot has happened since the launch of the site in November 2006. We had hoped to catch the Christmas market but we left the launch very late and made not a lot of progress. Still unhappy with the overall design of the website we decided to kept WineGifts4U live but have a complete re-design. For those of you who visited the site at the launch you can see that it is very very different today! And now we are much happier, and we hope that you are too.

Since the launch of the website we have been working hard to find a lot of great, unique products that would be perfect to personalise and give to that someone special! Making trips all around the country to source products and ideas, and even making a trip to India!

As it was only after Father’s Day in June 2007 did success really start to happen with www.winegifts4u.co.uk, so it has been from then that we have begun to add new products to the website. We began with personalised mugs –  these too have appeared very popular. And at a number of tradeshows that we’ve been doing customers have been really impressed with the speed at which we can produce a personalised mug! Im quite proud of the fact it only takes 20 MINUTES!!!

Some new products are also going to be appearing soon on WineGifts4U so watch this space!

Hope you all have a great day!


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